The Spring 2016 International Home Furnishings Market will impact your home. Here’s How:


I’ve just returned from my annual trek to High Point North Carolina to look around and purchase furniture, rugs, lighting and accessories for our store. As I browsed through the city’s many showrooms covering roughly 12,000,000 square feet, yes that’s right 12 million square feet, I discovered several trends.

Photo courtesy of Lee Industries.


WOOD TRENDS: Distressed is Family Friendly

When it comes to wood furniture and tables for the Bedroom, Dining Room, or Living room, a slightly distressed finish is still king. Wood finishes showing some imperfections and patina are all the rage. This trend will be very popular because it makes everyday living with wood furniture sooo much easier. A little bump or bruise that happens at home just adds a little character to your already “factory distressed” furniture pieces.



Look for white and grey washed finishes along with darker traditional finishes on your new furniture choices. If you like the retro styles of the “mid century” you’re in luck. These styles are now very prevalent in the market. However, don’t rule out the more traditional styles for your wood furniture. Both are gaining strength in popularity, with relaxed distressed finishes.



When it comes to upholstery, it seems you have two paths to follow this season for sofas, chairs and ottomans. Path ONE will take you to a palette of very, very soft colors and non-colors: creams, light beiges, very pale greys and soft blues. Very washed and calming colors often mixed with wood furniture of soft greys and cream finishes.

Path TWO to the well decorated home will take you to bright and harder colors. Lots of white sofas with chairs and pillows in royal blue, grass green, marigold yellow and orange thrown in for color. These fabric combinations are paired with wood furniture of a slightly more formal and traditional style, in darker, “dressier” finishes.

Photos courtesy of Lee Industries.



A word that I have heard over and over this season is “curated.” That’s just a new way to say we don’t decorate with many or any pieces matching in a room. At The Country Squire we have always believed the best rooms are those that look like they have been curated; as if the furniture and accessories have been gathered over time. We believe this gives your rooms personality, and we have believed and practiced this for years.



In just a few weeks some of our “Finds” from the market will start to show up here at The Country Squire. So take a break from your day and stop and see what really is new in home furnishings. Not just the pieces, but new creative ways to bring your rooms together.


Till next time.


The largest chest of drawers in the world stands 4 stories tall in Highpoint, NC.