Three Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Home for Spring

By Shane Ulrich

This spring don’t miss the opportunity to renew and refresh your living room with an exciting new look. These three easy steps will achieve the results you desire.

  1. Clean. Spring cleaning your living room is good for your home, and your frame of mind. Vacuum your floors, carpet or hardwood, and don’t overlook mouldings and baseboards—excess dust where the carpets meet the base will discolor the carpeting. Now take your brush attachment and address upholstered furniture. Dust buildup on your upholstery shortens the life of the fabric and washes out the color. Lastly, use the brush attachment on your fabric lamp shades. If your white or cream-colored lampshades are now beige or tan it’s time to replace them.  Quality wood furniture can last a lifetime, if properly cared for. Use a clean cloth and high-quality silicone free furniture polish to clean and moisturize your wood furniture. Stain markers available at your local hardware store can address scratches. Just match the color of the stain to your damaged wood furniture.
  2. Edit clutter. First tackle the coffee and accent tables in your room. Piles of magazines and books can be pared down. Next, review accessories—vases, picture frames, candlesticks and lamps. Make your goal to edit out 20 percent. Less really is more. Look around your room. If the furniture is crammed into the space, you have too much. Maintain enough walking space among furniture pieces. Broken or damaged furniture that can’t be tastefully repaired or repurposed needs to go.
  3. Make a purchase. Your home will benefit from a small shopping spree. A new piece added to your room will offer a refreshing pick-me-up. Replace lamp shades. Choose a few accessories—photo frames, an unusual vase or bowl for the coffee table, maybe a soft and pretty sofa throw, or perhaps some new artwork for the walls—to dress up your space. Consider a new sofa or chairs to effect a major change to your room.

Your home really is your castle; it’s so nice to have a beautiful home environment to recharge your batteries.
And you deserve it!

Shane Ulrich is owner of The Country Squire, Selinsgrove.

This article originally was published in the Spring 2012 issue of Susquehanna Life magazine. Reprinted with permission.