Welcome to our new and improved website! What do you think? About a year ago here at The Country Squire we decided it was time to update our website. Our goal was to be able to provide our customers with more info about what was happening here at the store as well as enable us to show you the new and exciting ideas coming from 328 North Market Street. At the store we often hear. “Oh darn! That’s sold? I wish I would have known that was here.” Well now you can see what’s new and check to see the “one of a kind” pieces we get in here at the store. I am extremely excited about the prospects of routinely showing you what’s new at The Country Squire.


The site will give you detailed information about our furniture, home decorating accessories and gift vendors and more information about sales and other events here at the store. We also will be featuring what is going on in and around Selinsgrove and we will also be doing some feature stories on some local businesses and customers to add some more interest to the site. Our new “One of a Finds” page will be what I predict our most popular new feature as it will showcase items we have that are unique.


So here we go, quickly (and finally) into the 21st Century with a new user friendly website. Thank you for your interest and continued support.