Late in April, once again I made my trek to the “furniture capital of the world,” High Point, North Carolina. The Spring Furniture Market runs for a week and attracts 75,000 veterans of the furniture industry to this rural city. High Point has been hosting these gatherings since the early 1900’s and people from around the globe come to walk the 12 million square feet of display space in search of just the right items for their customers and clients.

I have always enjoyed the Furniture Market and have attended on a regular basis for more than 20 years.

The biggest reason? Many suppliers of furniture, lighting, decorative accessories, rugs and fabrics bring their “A” game to try and impress and entice buyers with their newest and best offerings. When it comes to furniture, if you can’t find it in High Point well, quiet frankly, you don’t need it.

So, during this week, I shop and seek out furniture and accessories that I think you will like and will want to have in your home. I am always looking for quality craftsmanship. It has to be stylish and have a good value for you.

While I look and search out just the right furnishings, I keep in mind that although I’ll order now, they will show up in the store as new fall and holiday merchandise.

“So, what’s new?” you ask. Well lots of things! So here comes the overview in a large nutshell.


The biggest impression I received from Market has to do with COLOR. Color is in style. All shades of blue, aqua, navy, and pastel blue. You can’t overlook grass green and guess what? Get ready for it. Spruce and forest greens are making a strong comeback. Orange is the accent color of the year. I saw many sofa pillows, accent chairs and accent tables in orange and I must say it’s uplifting.

I think the biggest surprise to me was that pastel colors are also a big and upcoming color palette trend. I saw lots of light soft blues, lilac and even very soft pastel pinks. These pastels are often mixed with whites, creams and soft greys. What I like about the mix of the pastels and neutral colors is the relaxing feel of spring that these colors will offer year round in your home.

I was still seeing plenty in the neutral palette (light natural, linen, creams, beiges and greys) but I do believe rooms of all grey and natural are on their way to the exit doors as these rooms are now being updated with color.


As usual, leather in furniture is still extremely popular in all shades. Also keep an eye out for antique brass coming back in lamps and accessories.

Something to look for that I am glad to see is traditional styled wood furniture is making a comeback. Classic pieces of furniture for your dining room and bedroom, as well as coffee tables and end tables are coming back with a new twist. Those classic Chippendale, Queen Anne and Federal styles are being finished in low gloss, distressed wood finishes, but are also being shown in high gloss painted colors as a contrast. This low gloss / high gloss finish contrast adds a modern accent to these classic styles and I think it goes together quite elegantly.

Well I could probably go on and on about my trip to High Point, but I won’t. I will tell you this year I bought lots of great things that will show up in the store during late summer and fall. I hope you’ll stop in and see what’s new. And I also hope you’ll enjoy looking around as much as we enjoy buying what’s new and exciting…

Till next time …