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Dustin Snyder, August 2021

“We’ve purchased several pieces from Shane, and first, the quality is fantastic! Second, Shane goes above and beyond in helpling you determine what you want, and with all of his custom options, you get the extact piece you’re looking for. Definitely worth the visit! My wife and I highly recommend!!!”

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Patty Bohaczyk, May 2021

“Omg love it there, they have unique stuff & also beautiful. I suggest everybody to stop & take a look to see all the wonderful items they. Shane & his sister are so nice.”

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Melissa Laniewski, December 2020

“My favorite place to shop. They offer unique and beautiful furniture and gifts, with friendly, personalized service.”

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Karen Gallagher, November 2020

“We bought a sofa that is so comfortable.” Review
Jesse Mattern, March 2017

“The highest quality funiture you’ll find anywhere in central Pennsylvania.”

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Michelle Shumbat Rupert recommends The Country Squire

March 2014
“Love Country Squire! One of my favorite stores! Awesome furniture, decorations and gifts! Great people!”

Yelp Review

Ellen K., State College, PA

“Really lovely shop. Lots of great product lines, beautifully displayed. I thought the prices were reasonable for the quality. Food housewarming and general gifts. Have furniture you would not expect in a small town, Lee Industries, lots of fine wood furniture, Ugg chairs. Highly recommend a visit.”

WNEP Channel 16 Visits The Country Squire

The Country Squire is a home furnishings store to experience. We offer quality home furnishings and decorating accents and gifts for every room of your home. Our style is rooted in tradition but updated for today’s more modern lifestyles. At our store located at 328 north market street in downtown Selinsgrove, you will be able to see, touch and discover what makes our store so special. At the country squire, we bring to you living room, dining room and bedroom furniture crafted by some of the world’s finest manufacturers and craftsmen. However the country squire is not just a furniture store, we offer an everchanging array of tasteful gifts. If you are looking for something a little more unique and thoughtful, whether it be a special gift for someone or a piece of furniture for your home, stop and see us you’ll be glad you did.

What I Am Loving Today

What I’m going to tell you, quite frankly, may make you blush.

No, I’m not going to make any off color remarks to make you blush !
I’m going to talk about the color blush.
So isn’t the color blush just PINK! Well it’s a little more complicated than that. Blush is really a range of colors that are in the pink family of shades of color. Some of the best descriptions of the color Blush are, the color of the inside of your lip or mixture of light peach and medium bright tone of pink. So, you say o.k. now we know what blush is, what does this have to do with me and The Country Squire?

BLUSH is having a resurgence in home decorating trends. The complicated color is showing up everywhere as soft shades of blues, greys, creams and greens are all the rage. Why not throw in little bit of Blush? I must tell you that when we suggest Blush to customers, we generally get the same reaction, “Hmmm?, I have to think about that!

NO, we are not suggesting you paint the whole house bright Blush pink, but touches of Blush can be used to bring some change and light color to your home. If you feel like the color Blush might be something you’re interested in, we can make some suggestions to help you incorporate the color into your home.

PILLOWS… If you want to dip your toes in the blush pool, try a few pillows for your sofa or bed. For a soft touch of Blush, mix the color with soft grey, light blue, cream, light tan or light green colors. If you are feeling like you want a stronger Blush punch, mix Blush with chocolate brown, navy, white or even emerald green.

O.k, are you ready for a larger dose of Blush? How about some upholstery?

UPHOLSTERY…. May we suggest an upholstered chair or pair of chairs in a color of Blush to blend with your cream or white sofa? One piece of upholstery or a painted wood piece is a conservative way to add this warm color to your space. If you are feeling a little more adventuresome, how about a Blush sofa with accessory pieces in cream. Perhaps you would even like an upholstered headboard to mix with medium wood tones of your bedroom furniture. Do you remember that Lisa Douglas had a large pink upholstered headboard on the show Green Acres? I bet she was the envy of everyone in Hooterville! You too can be a trend setter like Lisa Douglas! But wait, here comes another suggestion which features Blush…

PAINT… paint is a really easy and inexpensive way to freshen up any room in your home. If you think you would like a touch of Blush, how about an accent wall? If you are feeling a little more adventuresome how about a contrast ceiling done in a light shade of Blush? A Blush ceiling paired with a light color or a dark color is always striking. We have seen several bedrooms painted in a very soft and light shade of blush as well. One tip I will give you on painting a bedroom Blush is you want to pick a warm soft color. This will be calming, because you want the color to help you relax and rest.

So after all of this, do you think you will be BLUSHING ?
When it comes to using Blush in your own home, I would sit down on the sofa with a good glass of blush wine and ponder the thought. If we can help you incorporate Blush into your home, stop by or give us a call. In the meantime. Happy Spring!

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