The Country Squire was born as Country Squire Antiques on February 4th, 1983 in 775 square feet of retail space that was the lobby of the former Stanley Theater in downtown Selinsgrove. In those earlier years of selling better quality early American antiques, I became schooled about hand-craftsmanship and the quality construction of furniture, and decorative arts of the 19th century. In those early days, I discovered the importance of how a quality piece of wooden furniture is put together and how just the right materials used to make an upholstered chair were the secrets to a piece of furniture that survived from the 1820s. In those early years the seeds of education I received about the quality of furniture, the styles of our past, and how that relates to the present, are still flowering in our business today.

I was fortunate to be educated in what makes a piece of furniture a good piece of furniture from folks who had been studying antiques for many years.  Even though a lot of those folks are now gone, I carry and use their discoveries and their teachings every day. To those folks, I owe plenty of thanks and gratitude for the generosity of their knowledge… what a gift!

In 1988 we began to sell new upholstered furniture that complimented the antiques we were selling at the time. Little did we realize that the first delivery of sofas and chairs from the Conover Chair Company of Conover North Carolina would change the course of our business. Pretty soon those sofas and chairs led to dining room and bedroom furniture, Baldwin Brass lamps, and decorations. Now our 775 square foot store was bursting at the seams.

In October of 1993, we loaded up the truck and moved south! One block south that is, to the corner of Market Street and University Avenue, the former John Alden Furniture Store. This building had been selling furniture since the early 1900s. We now had about 3,000 square feet of space to display our growing selection of furniture, accents, gifts, and rugs. We took advantage of the large showroom windows and decorated them to create great visibility. Here our business really started to take shape. It was here we were able to showcase what The Country Squire lifestyle meant, which was elegance and the knowledge that attention to detail and quality, “quietly spoke volumes about you and your home”. That old three-story brick furniture store at the corner of Market and University Avenue will always have a special place in my heart; we called it our home from 1993 till November of 2007.

As the Holiday season of 2007 began, we moved to our current location at 328 North Market Street, still in downtown Selinsgrove. This 10,000 square foot building, which started its life in the 1920s as Selinsgrove’s’ first Chevrolet Dealership, would now provide store and warehouse space for the Country Squire. Our renovated space really allows us to showcase the quality furniture, home accessories and gifts our customers really seem to enjoy. This building really allows us to express what The Country Squire can create for your home.