As I write this column Queen Elizabeth is on her way to her final resting place in the village of Windsor. Many thought the Queen would just keep going on forever, sadly that was not to be.

As the world mourns, many have stepped up to the mic to share memories and lots of outpouring of respect and loss. The words the world is using are Graceful, Elegant, Traditional, Timeless, Comforting and so many other kind words. As we all know the Queen passed away at her favorite home Balmoral in the Scottish countryside. It has been said many times that Queen Elizabeth was most relaxed and comfortable in her old family home. I like to see the photos of the Queen at Balmoral I always look at the surroundings in the photo. My eye wanders to the room, the furniture, the rugs, the furnishings in the room. When I look at the rooms at Balmoral I notice the warm wood tones of the antique desks and tables. As you gaze through the rooms you will notice slipcovered sofa’s, old family portraits and an atmosphere of casual elegance. What seems to be missing from the rooms at Balmoral is the formal furniture trimmed in gold and guilted that you see at the Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

I think that now that Queen Elizabeth is gone, we are going to hear a lot about the Queen. I think we will see loads of books and pictures of the Queen, the nostalgia of the past Monarch and I think this will create a new interest in all things English. So, you ask what does this have to do with your next furniture purchase? Well as we look across the pond to admire the past Queen, I think we will also revisit the English county lifestyle. Remember those words used to describe Queen Elizabeth, Graceful, Elegant, Comforting, Traditional and Stable. All these words can be used to describe the style of the English country decorating movement. I believe we will start to see traditional styles of wood furniture finished in low gloss finishes. I think we will see the return of floral and fauna themed fabrics mixed with checks and stripes. The elegant fabrics will be stretched across comfortable English Styled upholstered sofas and comfy arm chairs. I suspect that if plaid is your thing, you will be elated with the offerings and colors offered. Just imagine a great plaid stretched across comfy club chairs.

Here at The Country Squire we never really departed from the classic English countryside, actually that style and type of lifestyle is in our name. “The Country Squire”. Here at the store we really like plaid and floral together, we like furniture with a lower sheen finish in warm woods of cherry, oak and walnut. In adding to your English country interiors we suggest adding an antique piece into the room, it gives your room a sense of heritage and history. The late Queen Elizabeth 11 very much valued heritage, history, tradition and stability all words to describe many things including a comfortable interior to your home. So yes I think Queen Elizabeth will possibly have a say in your next furniture purchases. Keep calm and carry on! Stop by and see us.